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Wuthering Heights

The book begins when Lockwood arrives at Wuthering Heights, where he meets his daughter Catherine and Heathcliff and Harenton.
Lockwood after an accidentand there meets the housekeeper Nelly and she tells the lives of 2 families.

Heathcliff was an abandoned child, he found Earnshaw and adopts as his son and the daughter fallsin love with Catherine and Hindley are dating but Catherine's brother hates it because it thinks that to divert attention from his father.
After the death of the father ofCatherine and Hindley And thanks to that annoying Hindley Heathcliff and does not want to be closer to his sister Catherine.

Then Catherine and Hindley so many problems with anaccident and Linton's help and she is a season to live with them, when he returns home poes see the difference she was a wild girl and returns being a lady. But Heathcliff disappearsCatherine marries Edgar Linton but confesses to Nelly the housekeeper who still loves Heathcliff.

Time after Heathcliff returns and discovers that Catherine married EdgarLinton then comiensa dating gives Isabel Linton and Catherine jealous and Heathcliff flees after Isabel at Wuthering Heights.

Whenever Edgar and Heathcliff and Catherine werefought suffered much; after giving birth to a daughter, Catherine died. Hindle and dies shortly after yHeathcliff take care of this child and Isabel flees Wuthering Heights.Spend several years and Catherine Linton Linton meets her cousin and marry and die shortly after leaving all to Linton Heathcliff now owns the legacy of his two greatest enemies.At the end returns Lockwood and Heathcliff realizes that he died "by the ghost of his beloved Catherine took him" and finds out that Catherine and Hareth planning to marry.
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