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  • Publicado : 16 de mayo de 2011
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When im getting ready
To go out with my peeps
You belooking at me
Like can i come too
Baby where are your friends
Aren't they off watching
Football or something
And waiting for youUngreatful, oh no i am not
Most women would to have what i got (i know)
All im saying is that sometimes baby
Theres nothing wrong with giving mea little room to breathe

[ From: ]

Baby i just need a little space
A littlebreak
From you today
Now i dont want you to go away
But just for today
Go over there
oh, could you go over there
oh oh oh, could you goover there

Just back up off of me
I'm not tryna be mean
But could you give me fifty feet
Only for a little while
I know you love to be
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