Se deberia de legalizar el mercado de organos

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  • Publicado : 10 de diciembre de 2010
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should the market for organs be legalized

Organ transplantation is one of the greatest discovery of science but also a multimillion dollar business for criminal organizations who operate in poor countries. Currently only one out of three patients who acquire an organ in the black market survives as the organs obtained in the black market are of unknown quality. In the United StatesAccording to the United Network for Organ Sharing more than 50,000 people needed a human organ in 1993 (1) and 2885 or 6% of them died before being able to obtain an organ. In 2009 21,000 people died waiting for an organs simply because donation is the only way to obtain an organ. Statistic show that in 2010, 20% of patients waiting for an organ transplant will die each year. In 2009 there are 105,000people waiting for an organ transplant and about 4,100 will be added this year (2). 21,000 people are destined to die in in the 2010 because patients have to rely on donation from strangers to save their live. In the U.S. and Europe, a ban on a market in human organs has been in place since 1984 and in almost every country except in Pakistan there is some sort of law prohibiting the sell oforgans, as a result people don’t bother to register as organ donors because they see no incentive in doing so. The market for organs should be legalized and people should be able to sell their organs at the same price anywhere in the world to ensure the “buyer” and “seller” get a fair deal.

The demand for organs exponentially increasing every year and as the world population increases so doesthe need for human organs. How can we make the system a better and fair system for the giver and the receiver. How can the demand and supply of organs reach an equilibrium. Many believe that a market in organs would result in a greater supply and the policy of banning an organ market is to blame for the current tragic shortages. What we need is to take a more libertarian approach to the problem andcreate a legal market for organs, after all people will do just about anything for money even if it violates the body’s moral demand for respect. Conservative groups compare organ selling with prostitution for example, it is done despite it being illegal. In the United States there are some cities where some sort of prostitution is allowed under a controlled environment where they guarantee thesafety of all involved. The same could be done in an organ market. The National Organ Transplant of 1984 prohibits any person to knowingly acquire, receive or otherwise transfer any human organ for money or valuables to be used in human transplantation (3). As the Shortage of organs is so chronic that international organized crime organizations have become involved. While helping some one elselive is noble motive, it has not worked at convincing people to donate maybe because don’t trust the health care system. The worry of hospitals not doing enough to save your life just for having signed a donor card.

Economic theory explains that when there is a high demand for a good or a service its price will increase until the supply and demand reach an equilibrium. If the price isprohibited from rising, to restore the balance so supply meets the demand, price ceiling must be removed. It is logical to think that allowing a market for human organs raises a lot ethical and moral questions, as well as anxiety in people specially religious and conservative people against the legalization of the market for organs. How do you rightfully compensate someone who is willing to give an organto a stranger to save a life. How do people deal with the religious point of view that the human body is sacred and not just a piece of meat that can be chopped off and sold to the highest bidder.

If we legalize the market for human organs we can put and end to problems like the black market for organs and medical tourism. Medical tourism is the term used for people who need an organ travel...
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