1. introduction
Goal of the Security Policy
Organization X depends on information and information systems. The goal of the security policyis to set objectives for the organization as regards the protection of its informational assets. The security policy provides the basis forthe implementation of security controls that reduce risks and system vulnerabilities. By clarifying the responsibilities of users and themeasures they must adopt to protect information and systems, Organization X avoids serious losses or unauthorized disclosure. Moreover, the company'sgood name is partly dependant on the manner in which it protects its information and information systems. Finally, a security policy can beuseful as evidence in litigations, in client contract negotiations, during acquisition bids and for business relations in general. The managementof Organization X has initiated and continues to sustain an information security effort thanks to the development of sound policies andprocedures.
Security Management Framework
All policies and procedures included in this document are approved, supported and defended by the seniormanagement of Organization X. As respect of the security policy is all important to the corporation, its information and the informationentrusted to it must be protected according to the critical value and sensitive nature of this information. Security measures must be taken, [continua]

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