Semester project economics

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Value: 7.5 Final Points

Class activity and Homework
In this Stage you must use different sources to research the main macroeconomic growthindicators of the country you were assigned.


1. Based on the different electronic, book and magazine sources you must create a PowerPoint Presentation about the information requestedbelow of the country you were assigned.
It is very important that your sources are reliable so that you can have a more objective outlook when analyzing the situation of the country.

2.Research on Economic aspects:

o Production Factors: Using different sources you must identify which are the main production factors that the country has and relate the concept of scarcitywith the presence or lack of these factors.
o Economic Systems: You must identify which is the main economic system, on a state level, that is found in the country you were assigned.
oGross Domestic Product/GDP: You must obtain the information on the growth percentage of at least the last 2 decades, graph it (in case you only find the data) and analyze what the informationmeans to the particular situation of that country.
o Per Capita Income, Per Capita GDP: You must obtain information at least on the last 2 decades, graph it (in case you only find the data) andanalyze what it means to the particular situation of the specific country.
o Conclusion: You will write a small team conclusion about the researched aspects.

3. Don’t forget to add aslide of bibliography in MLA format at the end.

4. Upload your work to the corresponding space in Blackboard, according to your teacher’s indications.

Rubric for Stage 2

ProductionFactors: 1.5 points
Economic System: 1 point
GDP: 2 points
GDP per Capita: 2 points
Team Conclusion: 1 point You may loose up to 2 points for missing bibliography, proper citation or MLA Format.
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