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In the antiquity some foods produced in certain regions, certain towns was recognized and appreciated already by their organolépticas characteristics and to thus theyhave arrived us through the appointments of the classic writers: The oils, wines, etc.
On our days the selection of the food is based on the quality of the product, which it is a very complexconcept, in that different aspects like the acceptance from the consumers and the opinion of the experts take part, in that influences much the organolépticas characteristics of the prepared food.Following this evolution historical, we found already in France in 1312, the existence of the association of wine gourmets-tasters, and in 1793 there are French documents that speak of the degustador, as thatperson whose work is to taste the wine to define its quality and therefore, to fix its price just.
But passed this first stage that could be considered the prehistory of the sensorial analysis andthat corresponds to the pre-technological stage of the production of foods, begins to be developed with the nourishing industry a certain concept of sensorial quality, although it is at level of thepersonal opinion of the owner or ordered of it makes it.
As of 1940, the automation of the production of foods begins and with her, the attempt to control the processes from the purely chemical andmicrobiological point of view, estimating that the quality of the end item will come given like logical consequence of this parametrizacion of the process.
During this stage, in that the world wars andthe economic situation agree, one delivers greater attacks in the production necessary which leaves to the sensorial quality of foods like a secondary activity to which little occurs or nullimportance. But when going away standardizing the economic situation, quickly they appear the contrasentidos ones of those policies, and the necessity is pronounced to have other data to assure the quality...
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