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Dr. Seuss: Educational vs. nonsense

Theodor Geisel better know as Dr. Seuss is a very famous children author of all times. Hopefully everyone have at least heard of him once; he has written manybooks such as, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish , Blue Fish, and Dr. Seuss's ABC's, I’ll teach my dog 100 and the lately know with the movie Horton Hears a Who. With all this books children are drawn toimaginative stories. Dr. Seuss makes reading fun and educational by using rhyming words as well as including many colorful pictures, that easily gets a young child's attention.
Although some may sayDr. Seuss's use of nonsense words are not educational because the use of rhymes makes children get confuse; however I believe Dr. Seuss promotes the use of imagination and creativity, which I thinkis very important for children to be able to play with their imagination and also to be able to create. The use of what grown ups may call nonsense words like "Zizzer-zazzer-zuzz" or "Ruffle-NeckedSala-ma-goox", is something that helps children being able to play with the words and also it helps children being able to speak faster and be able to use a more complex vocabulary as they grow up. Ireally think that those called nonsense words, are words that help children have a more fluent language at an early age.
Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living specially in the life of childrenand Dr. Seuss’s way of writing by using weird words and fantasy leads to people argue about how Dr. Seuss wrote his books while he was on drugs because there is no way all of his work could come out ofa person who is aware of reality. Researches do not really prove if he was or not on drugs when he wrote his books. Something that it is true is that children love his books irony or not the truthis that Dr. Seuss became a genius in children writing.
Personally as an ECE (Early Childhood Education) teacher I totally think that even if he was on drugs, Dr. Seuss has really made a difference...
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