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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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The monitoring and diagnostics of transformers have attracted great attention for long. This interest has soared in recent years due to structural changes in the electricity business. Intoday's competitive market, producers must follow the strategies that match as closely as possible to the interests of consumers, as development in the monitoring and diagnosis should be directlyrelated to the needs of electric utilities, and to reduce Total operating costs. The monitoring and diagnosis is seen as a possible way to optimize existing assets in order to reduce maintenance costs bypreventing emergency exits, and ensure that teams work within a larger and more safely.
So in half a company's operations as the company that generates energy from Boyacá, transmits, distributes andsell electricity and related businesses developed to meet the needs of customers in a competitive manner, creating value for stakeholders grounded in our social and environmental commitment, theoperator or maintainer of the power transformers make sure you have all the information necessary for the performance of their duties with the premise that assets or patronamientos trends continue, in boththe collection procedure and analysis of results would provide a higher degree of reliability based on the tendency to present each transformer.
The Results Management System is based on theprovisions of regulations and is designed to control all processes and to study variables that influence the Quality of Service Delivery of Electric Power Transmission and control of Issues power transformerswith power from the power company of Boyacá.
While this project aims to compile and analyze information on the results achieved at the power transformers of energy the area of chromatography andphysico-chemical analysis by designing a management system which allows for variables involved in each power transformer, using comparisons of these variables with international standards of maximum and...
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