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02 – 03 – 2012
ISE 5134 Management Information Systems
Chapter 2
Carlos Ruiz

Real World Case 1: How to Win Friends and Influence Business People: Quantify IT Risks and Value.
1) Bychanging the way his group talks about IT investments, CIO Tim Schaefer is trying to change the way the rest of the company sees IT. Why do you think this is necessary? What would be the prevailing mindsetabout IT in his company, such that he needs to do something about it? Provide some examples of how IT may be regarded in this organization.

In times when information is as valuable as the mereprofit for any business, it is absolutely necessary to change the way companies see IT. This is important not only to highlight the real importance of IT investments during business board committees butalso to reduce the cultural impact of IT project deployments on end-users. If workers are aware of the real value of IT innovation, they will be willing to adopt the change and therefore the time ofIT project implementation would be considerable shorter. Considering that end-users represent the majority of the people resources in any kind of information system, the strategy of changing the waythe rest of the company sees IT is a long term action that will benefit the deployment of every IT project in future.

In Northwestern Mutual, IT was regarded as an independent activity with nodirect relation with the company business. In companies with this way of thinking, end-users see IT as a tool that can be simply fixed when it fails without considering development or innovation. However,when blackouts of these tools or services occur, the importance of counting on a robust IT infrastructure is recognized by everyone. The value of IT within any organization increases in function ofthe way every process is hopelessly dependant on it, and this dependence is deeper each year. However, there is a reluctance to understand the growing value of IT. In this sense, applying strategies...
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