Situated learning

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  • Publicado : 6 de octubre de 2010
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Situated Learning: Apprenticeship in Santiago

The reading passage explains that the learning process has a different focus than the classical theory. In otherwords, its central element is the connection between learning and the social situations in which the learner participates.

Having in mind the importance of thesocial environment, an example for apprenticeship in our everyday life occurs inside the family. The illustration deals with the way in which people communicate.The verbal expressions that a certain family uses are evidently going to influence the mode in which all the members of that family speaks. The situation can benoticed in terms of the manner or the attitude in which they interact with other people.
In the development of communication there are some factors that interfere inthis process; such as the social status including the economical aspect, the location: if people live in north, center or south, and the level of formality: if itis formal or informal.

The way in which people communicate is influenced by the family, friends, neighbors, teachers and so on. It is important to mention thatthe person who learns is not just the apprentice because the social interaction promotes the learning of all the participants including the most expert. Here, wecan evidence that the learning process act as a community not just as part of an individual mind. There is cooperation or collaborative work among all theparticipants which are part of the learning context that eventually leads to the acquisition of a skill, as in this case to be able to communicate yourself in society.
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