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Put in so, such or such a.

1. He's difficult to understand because he speaks ___________ quickly.
2. I like Tom and Ann. They're ___________ nice people.
3. It was agreat holiday. We had ___________ good time.
4. I was surprised that he looked___________ well after his recent illness.
5. Everything is___________ expensive these days, isn't it?
6. Theweather is lovely, isn't it? I didn't expect it to be___________ nice day.
7. I have to go. I didn't realise it was___________ late.
8. He always looks good. He wears___________ nice clothes.9. It was___________ boring film that I fell asleep while I was watching it.
10. I couldn't believe the news. It was___________ shock.
11. I think she works too hard. She looks___________tired all the time.
12. The food at the hotel was___________ awful. I've never eaten ___________ awful food.
13. They've got___________ much money, they don't know what to do with it.
14. Ididn't realise you lived___________ long way from the city centre.
15. I can't decide what to do. It's___________ problem.

Make one sentence from two. Use so or such.

1. She worked hard.You could hear it from miles away.
2. It was a beautiful day. You would think it was her native language.
3. I was tired. We spent the whole day indoors.
4. We had a good time onholiday. She made herself ill.
5. She speaks English well. I couldn't keep my eyes open.
6. I've got a lot of things to do. I didn't eat anything else for the rest of the day.
7. Themusic was loud. We decided to go to the beach.
8. I had a big breakfast. I don't know where to begin.
9. It was horrible weather. We didn't want to come home.


Use your own ideas to complete these pairs of sentences.

1. a) We enjoyed our holiday. It was so
b) We...
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