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Power to the PeoPle SoCIAl MeDIA trACKer



Power to the people - Social Media Tracker Wave 3


Welcome to Wave 3 04 06 10 12 18 34 48 56 76 Introduction Methodology What is Social Media? Global Snapshot Blogging Social Networking Sharing Content Consuming Content Final Word

Welcome to Universal McCanns global research into the impact of socialmedia. This project is an ongoing commitment by Universal McCann to measure consumer usage, attitudes and interests in adopting social media platforms and is the largest exploration of its kind. It aims to provide the facts behind the hype. The first study was published in September 2006 (Wave 1) and the second study in June 2007 (Wave 2). This report (Wave 3) brings together the latest results fromWave 3 as well as tracking the evolving trends since Wave 1. Wave 3 surveyed 17,000 internet users in 29 countries and was completed in March 2008. Since Wave 1 in September 2006 the research has created genuine insights on the patterns of usage, such as China having more bloggers than the US, emerging markets leading take up and Japan shunning photo sharing. This latest report demonstrates thecontinued growth of social media, the impacts of this are huge. • The vast majority of users are producing content and there is an ongoing shift towards participation. • Media consumption is internationalising along language lines thanks to global social platforms. • Consumers are moving to on-demand media such as video clips and podcasts. • The role for advertisers and brands has never had so muchpotential – branded applications, content and services all offer huge potential in social media. • Emerging internet markets are leading the way in usage, closing the gap with developed countries.

Tom Smith

Wave 3 Wave 1
15 Countries 7500 Internet Users September 2006

Wave 2
21 Countries 10,000 Internet Users June 2007

29 Countries 17,000 Internet UsersMarch 2008

Power to the people - Social Media Tracker Wave 3

Wave 3 Highlights
• ocial media is a global phenomenon happening in all markets regardless of wider economic, S social and cultural development. If you are online you are using social media • sian markets are leading in terms of participation, creating more content than any A other region A • ll social media platformshave grown significantly over the three Waves – Video Clips are the quickest growing platform, up from 31% penetration in Wave 1 to 83% in Wave 3 • 7% have joined a Social Network, making it the number one platform for creating 5 and sharing content – 55% of users have uploaded photos – 22% of users have uploaded videos • The widget economy is real – 23% of social network users have installedan application – 18% of bloggers have installed applications in their blog templates • Blogs are a mainstream media world-wide and as a collective rival any traditional media – 73% have read a blog • he blogsphere is becoming increasingly participatory, now 184m bloggers world-wide T – The number one thing to blog about is personal life and family • hina has the largest blogging communityin the world with 42m bloggers, more than the US C and Western Europe combined • Social media impacts your brands reputation – 34% post opinions about products and brands on their blog – 36% think more positively about companies that have blogs


Methodology: How we did it
The research has retained a consistent methodology throughout Wave 1, 2 and 3. All surveys have been scripted andhosted on Universal McCann’s in-house online research system, Intuition. All surveys are self completion and the data collected is entirely quantitative. Every market is representative of the 16-54 Active Internet Universe. In this Wave 17,000 internet users in 29 countries were interviewed. To be included you need to be using the internet everyday or every other day.

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