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  • Publicado : 6 de octubre de 2010
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The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society by creating one of the most important bases for life and from here we start to decide what kind of life we will take. The moral andethics values that we acquired over the existence not give our parents and every day these values or get stronger or weakened to the point of taking the course suitable for our future.
The socialproblems of today are very difficult to take because the factors that give rise every minute.

One of the more important problematic today is domestic violence, as there are families in which parentsassault each either with words or physically, in these families there are children of all ages, which in some cases shut up and hide for fear of their parents or leave their homes to seek refuge indrugs. When you find emotionally wounded after the difficult living conditions at home are more vulnerable to falling into gangs, prostitution, alcohol or drugs thinking that escaped from the problems andavoid the reality in which we live.

Some couples decide to live together because she is pregnant or simply because they wish that. But do not think he has no economic conditions or the maturity toraise a family. They think have more children and educate them in an environment that is not the right choice. A party atmosphere, alcohol and drugs, when they consume these beverages and psychoactivesubstances become susceptible to any situation, leading to shock or to rape their wives to show who's boss.

To add to this situation many people who attend events that are out of control at home mayhave bad intentions and damage the integrity of our children. Parents are not aware of these situations and often do not believe what the children tell.
It is assumed that what most parents loveare their children, but we feel it helps only with facts.

In a conclusion from home parents allow their children to grow up in an atmosphere of drugs, sex, alcohol and shock as can be expected to...
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