South park

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Mtv Series

South Park is an American animated series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for Comedy Central TV channel. The series isintended for adult audiences, and is characterized by black humor to satirize society today, and American culture through stories and surreal situations that happen to itscharacters, four boys (Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny) residents in a fictional town called Colorado South Park.

This series premiered on August 13, 1997 in the UnitedStates. Since then they have issued 202 chapters in 14 seasons and the series has been marketed internationally, including Spain and Latin America markets. In 1999 hepremiered a feature film South Park, entitled South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. In the course of their seasons, the program has won three Primetime Emmy Awardsand a Peabody Award among other awards.

The use of obscene language and violence by South Park, irreverent style of humor and the treatment of different episodes inthe U.S. and the world today (as satirizing the episode of the Mohammed cartoons or the mockery of the Church of Scientology) has earned the show numerouscontroversies over his 14 seasons.


Eric Cartman: Cartman is one of the four fantastic. She loves to exercise authority, but is clumsy and the fattest of thegang. He insists that its volume is due to have strong bones and her mother supports this false theory doing the impossible for your child to be happy. His mother has badreputation because he has slept with most men of the village. Cartman are essential to the "cheesy poofs" and owns two pets: a cat named Kitty and a pig, Fluffy.
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