Soy tu dueña

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Please watch 2 hours of "Soy tu Dueña" (Televisa,  21:00 p.m.) and analyze the following:
a. Main values and stereotypes featured (at least 4 of each one/ explain them)
b. Explain howthe Mexican society is shown
c. Profiles of the main characters
A. Main Values
1. Family: we can observe the familiar dynamic in Los Cascabeles, the deep bond between everymember, including the servants, Nana Benita and Iluminada.
2. Love: you can see real love between José Miguel and Valentina, it’s selfless, passionate, true, honest love.
3. Responsibility: JoséMiguel steps up as the man he is when he assures Ivanna that he’s going to answer for the baby they are expecting.
4. Hate: there is a lot of hate in this soap opera, Ivanna for Valentina, Rosendofor everyone, Ivanna and José Miguel’s mother fight all the time.
B. Stereotypes
* Ivanna: evil relative, jealous, trying to destroy her cousin Valentina, she wanted her money. She killed Benitaand Oscar and those murders are driving her crazy. Beautiful, sexy, manipulative, sexually easy and promiscuous.
* Alonso: handsome playboy, smart and sophisticated. He and Ivanna complottedtogether against Valentina, they tried to take over her fortune.
* Three ladies in the funeral: typical Mexican “chismosas de pueblo”, they can´t stop gossiping even in a funeral.
* Iluminada: shehas de Mexican low class stereotype, she speaks incorrectly and with an indian accent, uses funny words and is imprudent.
C. Mexican Society
This soap opera divides social classes; you canobviously guess what’s the character’s background just from hearing them speak. Shows people who has become successful coming from humble backgrounds. Shows macho men, unfaithful women and passionateaffairs.
D. Profiles of the main characters
Beautiful, successful rich heiress, generous, responsible, fair, intelligent, cultured and has a great personality. After being betrayed by Ivanna...
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