Spanish film industry

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Spanish film industry.
115 years have passed since the first film exhibition took place on May 5, 1895 in Barcelona. Since then, as in many other countries, Spain has developed a serious filmindustry. First the silent cinema helps industry in order to allowed directors and actors work in many countries without languages problems. In fact, the first Spanish film director to achieve great successinternationally was Segundo de Chomón, who worked in France and Italy, as well as made several famous films in Spain such as "The electric hotel" at the beginnings of twenty century.
In the decades of 10's and 20's Barcelona was the centre of Spanish film industry. Directors as Florián Rey and actresses as Imperio Argentina, who made together thefirst version of Nobleza Baturra in 1925, they opened the door to the españoladas which predominated in Spanish screens until 1960's. In that age zarzuelas movies were also produced, and even JacintoBenavente the Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature would shoot film versions of his theatrical works. Moreover, in 1929, Florían Rey with his rural drama The Cursed Village achieved a hit in Paris, where,at the same time, Buñuel and Dali premiered An Andalusian Dog, which has become one of the most well-known avant-garde film of that era. By then the centre of Spanish film industry had been moved fromBarcelona to Madrid
However, by 1931 sound films arrived and it had hurt the Spanish film industry, which was not prepared for that technical progress, tothe point where only a single title was released that year. It was not until four years later that was created CIFESA the first company which introduced sound to Spanish film-making. This company wasbecame the biggest company that ever existed in Spain. Unfortunately, it was more less and instrument of the political right wing and it never supported young filmakers as Luis Buñuel whit whom the...
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