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1. What’s your name?
2. Where are you from?
3. Where do you live?
4. What do you do?
5. Describe a typical day in your life
6. Tell me about your hobbies
7. Whatkind of films and music do you like?
8. When did you start learning English?
9. Tell me about your friends

10. Tell me about something you did with your friends recently
11. What doyou think your friends are doing now?
12. What did you do last New Year’s Eve?

13. What are you planning to do when you finish your career?
14. Tell me about your best friend. What ishe/she like?

15. How would you describe your house?

16. What do you and your friends do on your free time?
(What do you usually do on weekends?)
17. Tell me about a movie you have seenrecently

18. Tell me how you imagine your life this time next year

1. My name is…
2. I’m from…
3. I live on America Ave., in Las Quintanas
4. I study… / I work…
5. I getup very early in the morning, take a shower…
6. I like to sing and collect stamps. As a child I used to …
7. I like action films and romantic music very much…
8. I studied English forthe first time, in high school…
9. I have two good friends, we always study and go out together everywhere.
10. We went to the movies last weekend. We saw a great movie.
11. They must bestudying for this exam.
12. Well, I went to a nice party with my girlfriend/boyfriend and some friends. We really had a great time.
13. When I finish it I’m going to look for a well paid job inan important company.
14. My best friend is an intelligent, outgoing and very friendly girl. Her name is…
15. It’s a two floor house; it has a living, a dining room, three bedrooms, akitchen and two bathrooms.
16. We usually play soccer, play cards, and go to the movies or to the disco.
17. I have recently seen the remake of “karate kid” I enjoyed it a lot, because I like...
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