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  • Publicado : 31 de marzo de 2011
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Attention Getter: According to April 2007 article in the new American magazine Temperature records show that the last two decades were the warmest in history. Earth's average surfacetemperature is now higher by 1 degree Fahrenheit than it was 100 years ago. Scientists predict that the average temperature will increase from 2 to 6 degrees over the next century. In addition, seelevels will continue to rise due to global warming is causing the melting of glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland.

Listener Relevance Link: If the research is correct, then we might experiencehigher temperatures, more natural disasters such as an increase in damaging storms, flooding, and terrific droughts. In developing countries, human diseases could spread and crop production could decline.Speaker Credibility Statement: I have been interested in the subject of global warming since I did an essay of 6 pages in my English 125 class. As a student in Agriculture, I need to know theeffects of climate change in order to raise a crop.

Thesis Statement: I am going to talk about global warming is not caused by carbon dioxide but by a number of natural factors that influence climatechange.

Preview of Main Points: The main forces responsible for global warming are oceans, solar variation, and part of the planet’s natural cycle.


Oceans have a significant impact inclimate change due to the fallowing.
* They are releasing water vapor
* Oceans are warming

Transition Sentence: Not only oceans are responsible for the current climate change, but alsovariations in solar activity.

Global warming is largely the result of naturally occurring variations in solar activity.
* An increase in the sun’s radiation
* Natural variations in the output ofthe Sun

Transition Sentence: In addition to oceans and variations in solar activity, another main cause of global warming is part of the planet’s natural cycle

The real cause of global...
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