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Assignment 4
Traditions should be kept alive
During al the history of new civilizations many activities had became too common between people and different cultures. Theseactivities had been called traditions, which are practice in a special day to remember something that had happened on this date. The most common traditions in the U.S. are theIndependence Day and Thanks giving day. Both are to have on mind what had happened in America’s history.
In my personal opinion there are many traditions that should be keptalive in all the countries and also in each different culture around the world. Here in Mexico we have many beautiful traditions like November 2nd, dead day. In this date peopleoffers food that the dead must like when there were alive.
This tradition is an example of what people are able to do to remember people or memorable dates. It is known thatpracticing the memorial of traditions gives people a piece of hope and regrets to keep going to their lives and also in spirit.
During all my live I have been learning about thetraditions of my country and I usually try to practice all of them, actually I knew about the holydays. There are many holydays in Mexico between politics dates, spiritual,religious, etc… Many times people just forget about the memorable date and they are just thinking about the days that they won’t work. This is a bad detail because this people erethe ones who live the traditions just died, because they don’t transfer the knowledge to their families.
To conclude this essay y invite people to keep on touch with theirtraditions because traditions are the prove off many historical events which are facts of the humanity. Also it is good because is the essence of what we are and what we feel.
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