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1. Complete the chart with the comparatives and superlatives:
Adjective                                        Comparative                                                        Superlativelong                                                  longer than                                                    the longest

2. Write thecomparative:

a. old                    older
b. strong
c. happy
d. modern
e. important
f. good
g. large
h. serious
i. pretty
j. bad
3. Complete the sentences with a superlative:
a. This buildingis very old. It’s the oldest building in the town.
b. It was a very happy day. It was _________________________________ of my life.
c. It’s a very good film.It’s_____________________________________I’ve seen.
d. It was a very bad mistake. It was__________________________________ in my life.
e. It was a very cold day. It was ______________________________________ of the year.
f. She’s a popularsinger. She’s__________________________________in the country.
g. He’s a very boring person. He’s___________________________________I know.
h. This house is very big. Itis________________________________I’ve lived in.
i. My cousin is very tall. He is________________________________I have.
j. Laura is a very pretty girl. She is _____________________________ I know.
4. Choose the correctanswer:
a. Tom’s car is as big as / the biggest his friend’s.
b. Who is shorter than / the shortest person in your family?
c. Who is more independent than / the most independent person you know?
d.These sofas are more comfortable than / the most comfortable ours.
e. My brother is taller than / the tallest in the class.

f. Is Jason’s dog older than / the oldest yours?
g. Who is the best /better than singer in the world?
h. We are younger than / the youngest the rest of the class.
i. My hair is the straightest / straighter than your hair.
j. He is more popular / the most popular...
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