Statistical process control

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Statistical Process Control

For Susan, Jane and Robert

Statistical Process Control
Sixth Edition
John S. Oakland

Executive Chairman of Oakland Consulting plc Emeritus Professor of Business Excellence and Quality Management, University of Leeds Business School


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Part 1 Process Understanding
1 Quality, processes and control Objectives 1.1 The basic concepts 1.2 Design, conformance and costs 1.3 Quality, processes, systems, teams, tools and SPC 1.4 Some basic tools Chapter highlights References and further reading Discussion questions Understanding the processObjectives 2.1 Improving customer satisfaction through process management 2.2 Information about the process 2.3 Process mapping and flowcharting 2.4 Process analysis 2.5 Statistical process control and process understanding Chapter highlights References and further reading Discussion questions Process data collection and presentation Objectives 3.1 The systematic approach 3.2 Data collection 3.3 Barcharts and histograms 3.4 Graphs, run charts and other pictures 3.5 Conclusions Chapter highlights References and further reading Discussion questions 3 3 3 8 14 18 20 21 21 23 23 23 26 30 35 37 40 41 41 42 42 42 44 47 54 57 58 58 59





Part 2 Process Variability
4 Variation: understanding and decision making Objectives 4.1 How some managers look at data 4.2Interpretation of data 4.3 Causes of variation 4.4 Accuracy and precision 4.5 Variation and management Chapter highlights References and further reading Discussion questions Variables and process variation Objectives 5.1 Measures of accuracy or centring 5.2 Measures of precision or spread 5.3 The normal distribution 5.4 Sampling and averages Chapter highlights References and further reading Discussion...
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