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* Stavanger is located on the south-west coast of Norway, the city is the capital of Rogaland region. It`s lies in a beautiful place by the fjords.
* The landscape isspectacular with the Fjords and islands, and the distance from north to south and from east to west is very short, no more than one hour by car.
* Stavanger has a population of three hundred thousand andis the fourth largest of Norway.
* The city is known like the Petroleum Capital of Norway.
* The climate is oceanic with mild temperatures.
In summer the largest day, the sun rise at 1 am andremain in the sky at eleven pm, and in winter, the shortest day, the sun rise at 9 am and remain in the sky at four p.m.


During Viking Age, Stavanger was very important and was the placeof some battles between Vikings, also.
In 1125 was built the Stavanger’s Cathedral which was very important by the city. The following centuries the region was in the poverty until 1810. In thisyear the fishing industry grow when the herring came in large quantities to the coast.
In nineteenth century became fourth largest city of Norway thanks that herring.
Stavanger’s Cathedral
In 2008was selected as European Capital of Culture.


Direct flights from several destinations in Europe make it easy to visit the Stavanger Region if it is for business or holiday.
* Toaccess the city by plane you can be in London in only two hours or in Copenhagen in ninety minutes in the Stavanger Airport Sola, which is fourteen minutes of Stavanger center.
* To reach Stavanger bycar you can do through to the North Sea Road, where you can see the scenic Suleskarvegen and the Fjord Road.
* If you prefer to take the train the scenic line from Oslo to Stavanger offers variedand contrasting experiences.
* But you can travel through the region by ferry, express boat or express bus, also.


The Stavanger Region has many scenic attractions, like...
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