Strategic management

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* The Office of the Arts at Harvard
Offers a wide range of art, music and culture that delights in all students. Through courses in ceramics, dance, music, visual arts, film, media and theater among others, students have the opportunity to complete their training in those fields who are interested, I tend sure that will always work with the best professionals in thediscipline.

* Extensive and Varied Program of Sports
Baseball, basketball, rugby, soccer, tennis, athletics, and other more sophisticated sports such as golf, sailing, squash and water polo are some of the sports you can practice in any of its facilities. Even if yours is not the sport, you can always go to one of the games this university against any of the various state universities in theworld.

* Research Programs
In which students and teachers interested are surrounded by the most qualified professionals in their chosen field and from all over the world. Mind, body, society, earth, space, technology ... all fields of knowledge has a specific research program

* The Library
Ccontains more than 15 million volumes, making it the largest academic library in the UnitedStates, and the fourth among the five "mega-libraries" of the world

* Key aspects underlying the School's success include: HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL
* HBS is the only top business school in the United States with a self-contained, residential campus that forms its own vibrant community in the heart of one of the world's great cities.
* The campus environment greatly enriches theeducational experience of MBA students, doctoral candidates, and executive education participants by providing a host of opportunities for interaction with one another and with faculty beyond the classroom, for easier access to a range of on-campus activities and resources, for socializing, and for building lasting relationships.
* The School's commitment to being at the forefront of the currentand evolving practice of business has led to education and research programs that reflect the realities of the marketplace.
* Case studies replicate actual business situations and are taught so that students must work together to make difficult decisions under typical management conditions, including a lack of complete information, complex tradeoff situations, and time pressure.* Research at HBS is firmly grounded in knowledge of business processes—in entrepreneurial companies and established firms as well as nonprofit organizations—and unconstrained by the boundaries of academic disciplines.

* In addition to being leaders in their academic fields, many of our faculty also has hands-on business experience as consultants, entrepreneurs, investors,advisors, board members, and executives.

The Business School maintains academic centers and resources to promote the teaching, curriculum development, and interaction between school and the business community.

* Supports alumni and students participating in business and aims to:

* Promote research on entrepreneurial companies and on Relevant topics toentrepreneurs. Promote research in new technology companies and issues of interest to entrepreneurs.
* Graduate students Who Understand entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial companies. Graduate students who understand entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial companies.
* Provide resources for students and alumni embarking on entrepreneurial ventures. Provide resources for students and alumni to embarkon business projects.
* Established Relationships with the local entrepreneurial community.
* Establish relationships with the local business community.
* International staff and students

* The student body at Cambridge reflects the international spirit, with over 120 nationalities from every Continent save Antarctica represented. Fifteen percent of the...
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