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Well, first of all, you need to understand which words we generally stress and which we do not stress. Basically, stress words are considered CONTENT WORDS such as 
* Nouns e.g. kitchen, Peter * (most) principal verbs e.g. visit, construct 
* Adjectives e.g. beautiful, interesting 
* Adverbs e.g. often, carefully 

Non-stressed words are considered FUNCTION WORDS such as * Determiners e.g. the, a, some, a few 
* Auxiliary verbs e.g. don't, am, can, were 
* Prepositions e.g. before, next to, opposite 
* Conjunctions e.g. but, while, as 
* Pronouns e.g.they, she, us 

High fall: “positive attitude”: polite, friendly, enthusiastic, likely [ˋ]
Low fall: “negative attitude”: serious, cold, business like, not friendly [ˎ]
Highrise: Asking to repeat, asking for, explanation [ˊ]
Low rise: Detached and reserving judgment [ˏ]
Falling – Rising

General characteristics of intonation
Significant: Sit down (friendlystatement) - Sit down (order) - Sit down (invitation)
Systematic: Limited number of pitch patterns to produce meaningful effects. It is possible to give rule
Characteristic: The pitch patterns of English arenot necessarily the same as those of other languages although there are similarities.
The roles of intonation
1. The division of longer utterances into grammatically relevant groups
My sister wholives in Edinburgh / has just had twins
(one of my several sisters who lives in Edinburgh)

My sister / who lives in Edinburgh / has just had twins
(my only sister, who happens to live inEdinburgh)
2. to use different tunes for grammatical purposes
You can have beans / or cabbage
(There are only beans and cabbage and nothing else. The choice is limited)

You can have beans / or cabbage(There may be other vegetables too)

3. Expressing the speaker’s attitude at the moment of speaking to the situation in which he is placed.

Structure of the intonation unit

intonation unit...
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