Student generated stories

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Student generated stories. The teacher must to give to the students the vocabulary, the topic and the kind of grammar that the teacher want and need that his students practice for example: “I lost mykeys” and the student must to create a story about that using the grammar or the time that the teacher asked.
“Ok guys now I need you to write an story use the past simple about this topic ok?, Mylast vacations! You have to use the next vocabulary: preposition, conjunctions, phrasal verbs, etc.”

Modified cloze. This technique is used to practice grammar I understood that this is likefilling the blanks but it’s a little but different because we can change the way how they can modify the text and is a very useful technique to practice vocabulary possessive pronouns etc. The teachergives to the students some text where the students take off some words or modify the text according the instructions.
“Well, listen to me, now I’m going to give one text and I want you to erase thewords that I will give you and after that you must to write a synonym for example if I can see (angry = upset) ok?”

Transcribed conversation. I don’t remember this one, actually I don’t understood.Role plays. In this case the teacher has to divide the group in teams and he has to ask to them that represent a situation, he has to give them some cards to each member of the team where he writethe kind of people that each student have to represent and maybe the personality or the state of humor and they have to represent in front of the class. We can practice tenses, grammar, vocabulary, etc.“Good, the next team is formed by 4 persons so, Juanita is the wife, Antonio is the husband, Francisco and Sofia are the kids, thesituation is this: The kids got very bad grades and the parents wanted an explication but the kids won’t say anything.”

Using pictures to teach specific structures. This strategy is an easier...
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