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To decide where to go after finishing 18 years of school (whoever does the whole thing) is not as easy as it might look. Some decide to pursuit a professional career, somedecide to continue studying, and some are not too sure about what to do, so they just go with the flow.

But there is also a small group, I like to think of it as a group, not just oneperson, me; that after pursuing a professional career, still wonders what if continuing studying would have been a better idea than just go straight to the “professional world”.

Since I was injunior high, the hospitality world was very fascinating for me (still is) even though when people said that that fascination would not last forever. When the moment came to pick up auniversity, it was very easy, I wanted the one that had (still does) it all; that is why I got to the Panamerican University under the Institution Adminsitration degree.

Hospitality is not onlythe relationship between two people or to welcome someone. It is an incredibly huge world involving all those who sell a service: hotels, restaurants and hospitals. for more good the product(tangible asset) is; if the service is not, people will never return to that place. people want to feel at home when they come to any of those places. And if both the product and service areexcellent, that's one of the best expressions of hospitality.

From the beginning I became in love with all the subjects taught there. I also learned a very important principle: if you wantto teach, or if you want to become the best at what you do, you have to know everything from the beginning. For example: if you want to be a hotel manager, you have to know everything fromhow to clean a public area to how to deal with difficult people (guests or employees); including how to serve food specially because of the different cultures you will have to deal with.
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