Success in life

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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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The expression “Never, never give up” means to keep trying and never stop working for your goals. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use specific reasons andexamples to support your answer.

In the world in which we live, where nothing is free and so, we need to work hard to achieve our goals. It is very common to hear many people saythis well-known expression. Most certainly in everybody’s life, someone has tryied to cheer us up with a similar frase. Sometimes with succes, other times with failure, howeverbeing sure that it is the best way to succeed in life.

The human being is said to be the most racional living being in the World. Despite that, as our aims are veryambitious, reaching them is not usually an easy job. Therefore, many people try without success to stop smoking, lose weight, study harder, change some habits. Again many obstacles,some of them very difficult to pass, are found in the path to victory. As it is said in the topic sentence, keep trying and never stop working is the clue to be a winner, asperseverance is the guide to get where and what we want.

From my point of view giving up is the easy path, the path that lossers take. Even though how hard the situationbecomes, if we keep trying and working hard, success will soon arrive. It is often very useful when you feel that something is too hard or too long, to have in mind why you aredoing this effort, what you will achieve and how proud will you feel once you make it.

All in all, even though obstacles are everywhere in life and its hard to overcome them,giving up in not the way to achieve our goals. As has been stated facing problems, being perseverant, working and trying hard is the way to score goals and reach our dreams.