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Lenny Samuel, who works as a freelance private detective, is hired by Rik Roma, Head of Security in Magic Movie Productions and Samuel’s old friend, in order toprotect Gail Lane from the threats that Homer Frank –the owner of Magic Movie Productions- is receiving against Miss Lane.
During the investigation, Lenny Samuel finds outthat somebody is trying to blackmail Gail Lane into paying money for several photos in which she supposedly appears with her former boyfriend, the mobster VincentCalab.
Vincent isn’t the blackmailer -as it could be supposed-, but Rik Roma who worked in the Los Angeles Police Department investigating gangsters, took photos of themand, when he left the Los Angeles Police Department, he took some of the photos with him thinking one day they would be useful.
As for Vincent Calab, he’s involvedin money laundering, investing over one billion dollars in the studios Magic Movie Productions with the idea of getting his money back, but when he asks Homer Frank forthe money, Homer doesn’t want to give any money to Vincent, so that’s the reason why Vincent wants to kill Gail Lane: if she dies, Homer Frank’s business will gobankrupt and Vincent will get his own back.
Therefore the true reason why Rick Roma hires Lenny Samuel isn’t Gail Lane’s safety because he doesn’t care about her. Hewants to keep her alive so that he can blackmail her.
At the end, Lenny Samuel finds out Vincent Calab and Rik Roma’s plans and forgives Rik for not telling the policeabout blackmailing so that’s the reason Lenny isn’t paid. Moreover, Gail Lane thanks Lenny Samuel, leaves the movie business and goes with her boyfriend, the senator.
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