Sustainable enterprise

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Qualities of sustainable enterprise | Extent company has these qualities | Importance to building a sustainable enterprise |
Top management supportThe CEO, the chairman of the board and seniormanagement teams show public and unwavering support for sustainability. | 4.5The CEO of my company and managers have an open and approachable stand in the company. They host continuous meetings to improveour services | 5 |
Centrality to business strategySustainability is central to the company's competitive strategy. | 5My company’s senior management creates a culture that makes employees feelvaluable. Employees are not robots. | 5 |
ValuesKey values related to sustainability are deeply ingrained in the company. | 3.5Vales are taught, but not in an organized fashion. It is more of a learningexperience. I encourage to develop a program to ingrain key values in the company. | 5 |
MetricsThe company deploys an array of rigorous sustainability measures. | 4.5Every year the companyencourages the employees to fill out an inquiry form here they can state their discrepancies, aspirations, worries, etc. From here, the company analyses the data for better service execution. | 5 |Stakeholder engagementThe company reaches out to and involves a broad array of external and internal stakeholders around sustainability issues, including customers, suppliers, governmental andnon-governmental organizations (NGOs). | 4.5The company is working with a lighting expert company. We are topping our edge with them in sustainable design. On the other hand, there is a constant communicationbetween our clients and the company. | 5 |
System alignmentThe company's structure, systems, processes, and culture are aligned around sustainability. | 5Since the very first day I joined the company,the encouragement to engage and improve has been our stronger motto in regards to sustainability | 5 |
Organizational integrationVarious aspects of sustainability are viewed holistically and...
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