Tabla de verbos en inglés y todas sus formas

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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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Tiempo Presente |Español |Tercera Persona |Pasado |Futuro |Pasado Participio |Part. Pres o Forma ing|

|Ask|Preguntar |Asks |Asked |Will Ask |Asked |Asking
|Answer|Contestar |Answers |Answered|Will answer |Anwered |Answering
|Be |Ser |Is |Was/were|Will be |Been |Being
|Become |Convertirse |Becomes |Became |Will become |Become |Becoming
|Begin |Comenzar |Begins |Began |Will begin|Begun |Beginning
|Buy |Comprar |buys |Bought |Will buy |bought |buying
|Call |Llamar |Calls |Called |Will call |Called |Calling
|Choose |Elegir |Chooses |Chose |Will choose |Choosen |Choosing|Clean |Limpiar |Cleans |Cleaned |Will clean |Cleaned |Cleaning
|Climb |Escalar |Climbs |Climbed |Will climb |Climbed |Climbing
|Come |Venir |Comes |Came |Will come |Come |Coming
|Compare|Comparar |Compares |Compared |Will compare |Compared |Comparing
|Complete |Completar |Completes |Completed |Will complete |Completed |Completing
|Cook |Cocinar |Cooks |Cooked |Will cook |Cooked|Cooking
|Crash |Chocar |Crashs |Crashed |Will crash |Crashed |Crashing
|Do |Hacer |Does |Did |Will do |Done |Doing
|Describe |Describir |Describes |Described |Will describe |Described |Describing|Dive |Sumergir |Dives |Dived |Will dive |Dived |Diving
|Draw |Dibujar |Draws |Draw |Will draw |Drew |Drawing
|Drink |Tomar |Drinks |Drank |Will drink |Drunk |Drinking
|Drive |Conducir|Drives |Drove |Will drive |Driven |Driving
|Eat |Comer |Eats |Ate |Will eat |Eaten |Eating
|Enjoy |Disfrutar |Enjoys |Enjoyed |Will enjoy |Enjoyed |Enjoying
|Find |Encontrar |Finds |Found |Willfind |Found |Finding
|Get |Obtener |Gets |Got |Will get |Gotten |Getting
|Give |Dar |Gives |Gave |Will give |Given |Giving
|Go |Ir |Goes |Went |Will go |Gone |Going
|Have |Tener |Hás |Had|Will have |Had |Having
|Hear |Escuchar |Hears |Heard |Will hear |Heard |Hearing
|Hike |Excursión |Hikes |Hiked |Will hike |Hiked |Hiking
|Jog |Trotar |Jogs |Jogged |Will jog |Jogged |Jogging...
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