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  • Publicado : 19 de mayo de 2011
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manufactured in not just one part of the world, but all over, making them more accessible to a more diverse amount of people. It increases the services of trade, technology growth, and the worldmarkets. There are fewer barriers that improve communications between countries. More interaction between people of different countries leads to more tolerance allowing less conflict and more unity andpolitical stability. Globalization allows us to find opportunities and freedoms. It exposes us to new influences of different cultures allowing us to grow individually and globally.Globalization means to make global or worldwide in scope or application. This is what our world is undergoing; it is a phenomenon of great promise. The alteration of “traditional” societies of the underdevelopedcountries into the “Western” ones of the developed countries is what will make our world a better place. Through this process not only are we allowing interdependence among nations we are expandingour knowledge of each other. Our children, who are the lifelines of our future, are emerging into a new world of global homogenization.

The final component that is imperative in the process ofglobalization is culture. There is the prospect of local as well as individual change when dealing with culture. Many countries homogenize with the global consumers as well as adopting new liberalideas. Children are also influenced with their cultures by new images and values, with also the impact of educational ideas. There is also an exchange and spread of ideas such as religion, music, food,and traditions within each culture. Globalization has increased the spread of popular culture easily and efficiently from the developed countries of the North throughout the world. Accordingly, manymedia markets in undeveloped countries are saturated with productions from the Northern developed countries. Many have resulted in trying to silence the cultural expression, but due to the potential...