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Perfect life is a good question that everybody asks themselves. For examples the authors writes stories about a utopia that would exist in the future for example the book TheGiver. This story tells a community that everything is perfect, perfect weather, perfect people, etc. What I think about this idea is that it would a miracle to achieve this worldcalled “UTOPIA”. But what I considered perfect is world that is not perfect.

Art is something that you can express but it depends on people points of view. For example a toilet tome is a beautiful and excellent piece of art because the person who created that toilet took the effort to create and the design took effort to the person. But other people thinkthat is not a piece of art because it is seen everyday in our life. But what is necessary to be considered art is that author thinks freely to do whatever he wants to draw, make etc.Should we be rewarded for the effort we put in school? I think this answer is yes. The reason I say yes is because everyone that works very hard just to get something exchange.But what is mostly exchange is the lesson that we learn by studying. But I think that the person who study more need to receive more because the put more time and effort to getthat grade. But the person who studies less they should receive less rewards because they didn’t put their effort like the person who did study.

Things that are impossible arepossible. Think this quote that I made that is impossible? Think them as possible. This can be true because Albert Einstein invented things that were considered impossible. Forexample the pie symbol or the help to invent the nuclear bomb. This things were impossible to make but the help of someone that is thinking possible answer could make this possible.
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