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in the following essay I present the history of photography, according to the author Vicente Sierra Puparelli, tells us that the word photography comes from the Greek photos (light), and grafein(writing), so it is considered the effort to control and set the effect of light on substance, but better known as the effect of sunlight on the skin, so the first treatise written to draw the sun is dueto J. H. Schultze that in 1727 the paper describes how lime and silver nitrate and exposed to the sun under a drawing, the drawing slowly appears in the lower part, but negative , And was in 1770 thatused this technique to make silhouettes of profiles.
Also came after a type of phenomenon known as dark chamber, which consisted of a dark room, in the front wall had a hole in the wall oppositeappears to projected an image that is outside and opposite the hole.
But was Cardan, who in 1550 had the idea of placing a converging lens in the dark hole of suck that resulted in an improvement inclarity and brightness of the image, this magical invention was a cultural event, presented in Naples, Giambattista Della Porta, with a better camera, it was thought that the revolutionary art world.But it took long to get the great idea of placing a sheet of light sensitive material on the plane where the image is formed in the interior of the dark chamber
was until 1822, Nicephore Niepce, usedas sensitive material bitumen applied onto a sheet of bronze with oil after cleaning, which only photographing stationary objects, which the Frenchman Daguerre also investigating the same for thesedates, then teamed up and got the daguerreotype, which was a metal plate sensitized with silver iodide was revealed with mercury vapors. but it was only in 1839 that the discovery was made public beforethe French Academy, for the scientist Francois Arago, that the date was officially regarded as the born of photography.
After this, everything was to perfect the invention, Abel Niepce in 1847,...
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