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Animal specie
species is called taxonomy animal. En speciaes (Latin species), or more precisely the biological species, each of the groups that divide the sexes. A species is the basic unit ofbiological classification. For your name binomial nomenclature is used, ie each species is unequivocally defined with two words, for example, Homo sapiens, the human species.
A species is often defined asa group of organisms capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring. A group of natural populations whose members can interbreed, but can not, or at least not usually do-with members ofpopulations belonging to other species, so reproductive isolation relative to other populations is crucial. In many cases, individuals who are separated from the original population and become isolated,can achieve sufficient differentiation to become a new species (see speciation). In short, a species is a reproductively homogeneous group of organisms, but very changeable over time and space.
Whilein many cases this definition is adequate, it is often difficult to prove whether two populations can interbreed and give fertile offspring (for example, many organisms can not be maintained in thelaboratory long enough). Furthermore, it is impossible to apply to organisms that do not reproduce sexually, like bacteria or fossil organisms. Therefore, at present usually applied moleculartechniques, such as those based on similarity of DNA.
The common names of plants and animals sometimes correspond with the biological species: eg, "lion", "walrus" and "Camphor tree". But too often this isnot so, for example, the word "duck" refers to a score of species of various genres, including the domestic duck.
A species is endangered, whether plant or animal, when its existence is committedglobally. This may be both direct predation on the species and the disappearance of a resource on which life depends, both by human action, due to changes in habitat, the product of random events (such...
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