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I. Lea el texto y escoja la opción adecuada.

Paris is the capital of france. This cultural and commercial center is big,romantic and beautiful.

Paris is located on the Seine River. There are many tourist sites in this city: the Louvre, a famous museum: L’Arc du Triumph; the Eiffel tower; Notre Dame, a gothic cathedral ,the Molin Rouge and Montmartre, a place full of artists, cafés, old houses with baoconies and terraces.

In Paris, you can also enjoy fantastic shows and find famous commercial districts and marketsnear the beautiful Champs Elysees.

1. Paris is

A. A tropical park.

B. Tourist place.

C. The Seine River.

D. A caffe shop.

2. The commercial area is.

A. France.B. A cathedral.

C. Seine tour.

D. Near the Champs Elysees.

3. France is.

A. A country.

B. A cinema.

C. A cathedral.

D. A popular store.

4. Notre Dameis.

A. A city.

B. A very touris place.

C. A cathedral.

D. A restaurant.

5. L’Arc du triumph is.

A. Very tourist place.

B. On the Seine River.

C. Nearchamps Elysees.

D. The molin Rouge.

II. Complete las conversaciones

6. When are you coming bach?.

A. Last week.

B. For three weeks.

C. As soon as I cam.

D. For lastmonth.

7. What’s your new coat like?

A. It’s very well thanks.

B. It’s made of leather.

C. I simply love it.

D. It’s like.

8. That’s $100.000, please. How are youpaying?.

A. By credit card.

B. The bill, please.

C. Do you have change?.

D. Balconies and terraces.

9. When is the office open 24 hours?

A. On Mondays and Thursdays.B. It opens at 8 o’clok in the morning.

C. Every two weeks it happens.

D. On Sunday on night.

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