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Taxonomy Project
Humans, after hundreds of years of constant effort, have successfully polluted all bodies of water on Earth. As a result, almost all previously known species ofplant, animal, and other life have become extinct. Through natural selection, genetic engineering, and selective breeding programs, a portion of the Earth has been successfully repopulated. Thefollowing organisms are all that remain:
1. Photosynthetic sun-basking sharks. Their green fins have chlorophyll to convert sunlight to energy (autotrophs)
2. Chemosynthetic goldfish that convert pollutionto food (autotrophs)
3. Aquatic humanoids whose main diet is aqua-wheat and basking sharks. They have fins instead of legs (heterotrophs)
4. Aqua-wheat: one of the few plants that remain, it issimilar to algae.
5. Terrestrial Humanoids with 4 arms, their diet consists of butter-roaches and fuzzy hamsters.
6. Tentacled aqua humanoids, they only feed on aqua-wheat and have tentacles for armsand legs.
7. Cockroaches that feed on humanoid waste.
8. Giant Aqua-spiders that live in water and feed on goldfish and basking sharks.
9. Green-haired rats that are photosynthetic.
10.Parasitic mosquitoes that feed off any humanoid
11. Ten-legged fleas that live on the photosynthetic rats and drink blood.
12. Poison Grass - this plant is a hybrid between grass and poison ivy. Theplants are toxic to almost everything (autotrophs)
13. Fuzzy hamsters with green hair that use the sunlight to make their food, thought to be related to the rats.
14. Butter-roaches: geneticengineering created these butterfly-like creatures from cockroaches. Butter-roaches eat poison grass.
1. As an alien taxonomist, it is your responsibility to classify these existing organismtypes.
a. Create a taxonomic scheme using only kingdom, phylum, genus, and species. The intermediate categories have been eliminated since the total number of species has been drastically reduced....
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