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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2010
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Humans have always had the need to create things for personal benefit. Technology is that, and nowadays, it has become utterly necessary in our lives. Not just because it is helpful andit brings us comfort, but because we have developed a new lifestyle that includes technology in all ways. As it is said that humans are never satisfied with what they have, is important to note thattechnology is always evolving.
Cell phones, cars, computers and microwaves are some of the most common things that humans have developed to facilitate our way of living. All of them are pretty goodexamples of how technology has benefited us. For instance, old cell phones that weighed heavily and you could barely carry have evolved in Blackberries, iPhones or touch stuff. Life has become easily andpractical with these innovations and, I suppose everyone is agree with me when I say using these devices is a lot much better than using smoke signals or writing letters so then you can’t do anythingelse than sit down waiting for an answer.
Internet is one of the most widely used tools that technology has provided us. Besides offering many forms of media combining text, audio, visual andgraphic elements, it keeps connected the world and gives everyone access to any type of information whenever they want. You can also keep in touch with people you do not see longer by joining some socialnetworks like Twitter or Facebook. And, with no effort at all you can buy things from an online store; this is quite easily as one click, besides it saves time.
Another practical tool from technologyare the storage units. The human need to store large volumes of information first resulted in floppy disks and now, they have been replaced by another devices such as CD’s, DVD’s, and even some othersphysically smaller with more than 2GB capacity. This have given us much comfort because now, we can save time and space when we talk about the different manners of saving or looking the information....
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