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  • Publicado : 1 de marzo de 2012
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chnVictor Luna
Merryn Clay

The Influence of Modern Technology on Society

Today we live in a society that is more and more affected by technological innovations. Now most of the peoplecan’t imagine their lives without things like Internet, cellular phones or electricity. It wouldn’t be a mistake to say that we are dependent on those things. Of course, there is no point in arguingthat technological innovations make our lives much more comfortable and for some groups of people they provide the opportunities that they would have never had without such technologies. But recentlythere have been a number of discussions that brought up a question of negative effects of technology on society. Those who support this theory argue that the rapid development of new ways ofcommunications and information technologies have significantly changed the way people think, interact with each other set their life priorities. And from their point of view it hasn’t been a positive change.The example that they most frequently use is the Internet. Modern technology critics say that today a person instead of living a real life lives a virtual one. Personal relations are substituted withonline communications and some people have simply forgotten how to deal with people in real life after hours spent chatting on social networks. And this is just a tiny part of all the disadvantages theytalk about.The internet as well as cell-phones and other electronic devices were created as a tool and resource, not life-support as we see it today. Our dependency on the very devices created tohelp us is destroying us slowly because we are slowly losing our ability to think for ourselves. The internet was created as a virtual library of raw and useful information that would help us when inneed but we are developing since we will not even learn the math to do it, but instead plug the numbers into a calculator. The influence on society from the internet and other pieces of technology will...
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