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1. Introduction
The theory of human relations is the consequence and solution of some research by Elton Mayo who were opposed to the classical theory of management which focuses on technology,organization and distribution of work to achieve maximum efficiency an organization. The theory of human relations appears to be necessary to neutralize the high rate of dehumanization manifest as aresult of the use of methods forced on workers to strengthen the effectiveness of their work.

2. Human relations theory
Its main reason to neutralize the dehumanization developed in business for moreefficient workers in their job, the main causes of the emergence of the theory were: the democratization of the administration by removing all the rigid concepts of classical theory conditioning newideas on the treatment of workers, the development of social sciences majoring in psychology that must be managed in an organization that showed the error of the principles that drove the classicaltheory, the development of some ideas of John Dewey and Kurt Lewin were essential to complement the principles devised by the school in May, humanism in the administration and the conclusions of theHawthorne experiment, the latter were essential to discredit the fundamental ideas of the classical theory, some key findings are: social relations are essential for the proper development of the work,not his skill and efficiency but also compliance with social interactions, employees are always part of a group of individuals and their behavior depends on it, another of his conclusions was thatworkers had better or worse performance than the other lost appreciation against the group and that the incentives or sanctions are not always brought the results that were expected. Maybe because if wasvery good worker would receive as a result of their good work disliked by their peers and if the opposite is bad worker would receive penalties that hurt, this is because in these circles is working...
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