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Teotihuacan Mexico City
the Sun Pyramid was approximately 215 by 215 m at the base, and about 63 m high. It was significantly enlarged at least twice in later periods, resulting in a final size of225 m along each side. The pyramid was located on the east side of the Avenue of the Dead in the northern half of the city. If the area of monumental construction between the Moon Pyramid and the SanJuan Canal is regarded as the central zone of the city, the Sun Pyramid is located at its middle. In addition to its geographic centrality, the importance of the pyramid is indicated by a cave locatedunder the structure. It is believed by certain scholars that the cave was used for ritual activities, and why the pyramid was constructed where it is today.

The Avenue of the Dead
The Avenue ofthe Dead was the main street of Teotihuacan. It ran for more than 2.5 km, beginning at the Moon Plaza to the north and extending beyond the Ciudadela and the Great Compound complexes to the south.According to Millon (Cowgill 1992a:96; Millon 1981:221), the avenue continued even further south, terminating near the edge of the mountains that can be seen in the background of this photoCancun Mexico
Cancún is located on the Yucatan Channel that separates Mexico from the island of Cuba in the Greater Antilles. The Cancún region is sometimes known as the Mexican Caribbean

Mexico City(in Spanish: Ciudad de México, México, D.F., or simply México is the capital city of. It is the most important economic, industrial and cultural center in the country, and the most populous city with9,720,916 inhabitants in 2005. Greater Mexico City.


Aztec StadiumRevolution monument

Zocalo Mexico City

Chechen itza Mayan Culture
Chichen Itza was a major regional focal point...
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