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My brother and my sister _______ waiting for Pam on the corner now (wait)
Boys should never____________ at girls (shout)
Karen ______________ get married in at least two years(get married)
I _________ a great movie on HBO last night (watch)
She _______________ her homework that’s why herdad ________ angry (do – get)
They ____________________ the level at the end of this month (finish)
I _________ something unbelievable onthe radio this morning (hear)
Susan _________ to get some money in order to pay for her studies (need)
There _______some people _________ on the ground at the moment (lie)
Manchester United __________ Liverpool so easily in the last game(beat)
My parents never _______________ me when I _____ a child (control – be)
I ______ incredibly happy at Bryan’s wedding last month(feel)
The police ________________ the thieves but they __________ very well (chase – hide)
My family usually _____________ abroad on vacations(travel)
My daughter __________ to go to the zoo instead of the park but it wasn’t possible (want)

USE A LOGICAL ADVERB OF FREQUENCY-------------------------------------------------
My teacher isn’t ever angry or boring

The police ask for license and registration on the streets once...
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