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1 When I go to a party, I interact with people...
a) Directly. I generally approach them, and I like for the conversation to stay focused on non-emotional subjects.
b) Carefully. I prefer to havepeople approach me, and it would be ok with me if I could just sit and watch everyone else without having to talk to anyone.
c) Immediately. I approach them, and I try to talk to as many people aspossible.
d) Slowly. I like to talk with people. I just prefer to have them approach me, and I like to focus on one or two people at a time.
2 When I talk with another person, I am generallyfocused on...
a) Their feelings and showing them that I care.
b) Their excitement level and whether they seem to like me or not.
c) What's the point of this conversation?
d) Their line ofreasoning/logic.
3 My attitude towards detailed work is...
a) Great. I love to focus on data and details.
b) Do I have to do this?
c) If it will get me results, I'll do it.
d) It it is important to you,I'll do it.
4 My favorite work environment is...
a) Productive. I don't mind having people around, as long as they're getting things done and not interrupting me.
b) Alone. I like to focus on mytask without interruptions.
c) Active. I like having people around so that we can bounce ideas off of each other and talk while we work.
d) Calm. I don't mind having people around, I just prefer thatthe environment stay pretty quiet and peaceful.
5 When I am stressed, I like to...
a) Sleep. Watch a movie. Curl up on the couch. Read a book.
b) Do something physical - exercise, clean thehouse, work in the yard, complete a project, etc.
c) Get away to think and reflect. maybe do something like read a book, do a crossword puzzle, or work on a task that requires attention to detail.
d)Party. Have some fun. Go out with my friends or family.
6 When other people bring their concerns to me for advice, I generally...
a) Listen for all the details so that I can make an informed...
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