Test on simple past 3

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Test on Simple Past 3


Write the past forms of the irregular verbs.
1. feel →felt
2. cost →cost
3. drive →drove
4. catch →caught
5. feed →fed

Complete the table in simple past.POSITIVO NEGATIVO FRAGE

The ship disappeared. The ship didn´t disappear Did the shipdisappear?

He criticised you He didn´t criticise you Did he criticise you?

Amy was depressed Amy wasn´t depressed Was Amydepressed?

She taught in London She didn´t teach in London. Did she teach in London?

The passengers panicked The passengers didn´t panic Did the passengers panic?Put the sentences into simple past.

1. They repeat the question. → They repeated the question. [pic]
2. She hugs her little brother. → She hugged her little brother. [pic]
3. The snowmanmelts in the sun. → The snowman melted in the sun. [pic]
4. The candle does not burn. → The candle didn`t burn. [pic]
5. Do they chat in a forum? → Did they chat in a forum? [pic]

Write sentences insimple past.
1. Jim / his head / cover : Jim covered his head.
2. she / the chapter / copy: She copied the chapter. [pic]
3. not / the clouds / disappear: The clouds didn`t disappear.negativesentence: put did not before the infinite form of the main verb.[pic]
4. he / to our question / refer: He referred to our question.
5. not / we / our punishment / escape: [pic] We didn`t escape ourpunishment. [pic]

„Was“ or „Were“?
1.It wasUse was for I/he/she/it or a singular noun. [pic]the right thing to do.
2.The shop wasUse was for I/he/she/it or a singular noun. [pic]open.
3.The menwereUse were for you/we/they, a plural noun or several nouns in an enumeration.
Note: men is the plural of man. [pic]very strong.
4.The weather was [pic]great.
5.My father and I wereUse were for...
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