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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2010
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Thanksgiving Day

Some men, women, and children left England in a ship called the Mayflower and set sail in 1620.
They sailed to the New World ;America, for 66 days. 103 men and women settled in America in November 1620 and made a settlement called Plymouth Colony.

The people that landed were called “Pilgrims.” They left the “oldworld”, so they could practice their own religion without interference from governments.

When the Pilgrims landed, they all signed a contract called the MayflowerCompact. Everyone that signed the Mayflower Compact promised to cooperate for the general good of the Colony.

The first winter in Plymouth was very difficult for thecolonists. There was not enough food. People got sick and people starved.

In November 1620 there were 103 people in the colony. By September 1621, there were only 53 peoplein the colony.
Many people died during the first winter.

America had people living in it before the Pilgrims arrived. We call these people Native Americans today, butback in 1620 they were called Indians.

Massasoit’s Tribe taught the Pilgrims how to find herring, a fish, and use it as a fertilizer to plant corn, pumpkins, and beans. At harvest time, the Pilgrims had a big celebration. They had food!

The Indians also came to the celebration.

The first Thanksgiving lasted for three days. Theyate deer, roast duck, goose, turkey, clams, eels, corn, bread, pudding, leeks, wild plums, and berries.

President Abraham Lincoln officially proclaimed the nationalholiday of Thanksgiving in 1863.

Today, in the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

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