"The accompanist”

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"The accompanist”
“Bhaiyya finds a meaningful existence in his devotion to the Ustad"” Discuss this statement supporting with evidence from the text.

Bhaiyya played some instruments sincechildhood because his father was a carpenter and he and his generation was famous upon making instruments. So he began waking him very early every morning to practice and to test it. One day he wascarrying a new tampura made by his father, to one of the most important teachers called the Ustad. After that day, he dedicated all his lifetime to him. There are many reasons why Bhaiyya finds a meaningfulexistence in his devotion to the Ustad, let us consider some of them.
One the one hand the Ustad was the centre of Bhaiyya life. Since he was a little boy, he regarded the Ustad as a god: “He wasonly tuning his sitar, casually and haphazardly, but his fingers were the fingers of god, absolutely in control of his instruments” (page 57). To add referring to this, he also described as inferiorto him: “I sit at the back, almost concealed behind my master and his accompanists…my Ustad raga nor enter into any kind of competition.”(page 63) to be sitting back as anyone see him, and withoutany recognition, may be can be interpreted as serving his god. Moreover he only was satisfied when he played for the Ustad: “I had found my purpose in life and by following it without hesitation andwithout holding back any part of myself. I found such satisfaction that I no longer wished for anything else” (page 62).
One the other hand with this devotion and obsession, he would never be ableto grow and became a Ustad for his own. “what are you doing, sitting at the back of the stage, and playing the tanpura for Rahim Khan?”… “I know myself to weak, very weak” “I felt beaten, destroyedand with my last bit of strength shook them off”(page 65, 66). Furthermore the dependence of the Ustad made him doubt about his talent: “Could I have played the sitar myself?... And become an Ustad...
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