The austere academy

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Olaf on the screen, remember?"
"Yes," Klaus said, shaking his head. "He told us that the advanced computer
system would keep Olaf away. So much for computers."
Sunny nodded her head in agreement,and Violet picked her up and put her on her
lap. Nero had reached a particularly shrieky section of his sonata, and the children
had to lean forward to one another in order to continue theirconversation. "If we
go and see Nero first thing tomorrow morning," Violet said, "we can talk to him
alone, without Olaf butting in. We'll ask him to use the computer. Nero might not
believe us, but thecomputer should be able to convince him to at least investigate
Coach Genghis."
"Maybe Nero will make him take off the rurban," Isadora said, "revealing Olaf's
only eyebrow."
"Or take off thoseexpensive-looking running shoes," Klaus said, "revealing Olaf's
"But if you talk to Nero," Duncan said, "then Coach Genghis will know that you're
"That's why we'll have to beextra careful," Violet said. "We want Nero to find out
about Olaf, without Olaf finding out about us."
"And in the meantime," Duncan said, "Isadora and I will do some investigating
ourselves. Perhapswe can spot one of these assistants you've described."
I'm sure you would know, even if I didn't tell you, that things were about to get
much worse for the Baudelaires, but I will end this chapterwith this moment of
companionable comfort rather than skip ahead to the unpleasant events of the
next morning, or the terrible trials of the days that followed, or the horrific crime
that markedthe end of the Baudelaires' time at Prufrock Prep. These things
happened, of course, and there is no use pretending they didn't. But for now let us
ignore the terrible sonata, the dreadul teachers,the nasty, teasing students, and
the even more wretched things that will be happening soon enough. Let us enjoy
this brief moment of comfort, as the Baudelaires enjoyed it in the company of the...
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