The black herakds

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  • Publicado : 29 de septiembre de 2010
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Cesar Vallejo, is one of the most recognizing Peruvian and famous poets in Latin
America. In this poem “The Black Heralds”, the poet represents one of his higher expressions of the written poeticlanguage in the Spanish language. Vallejo shows us in “The Black Heralds” how the compromise with the humanity are present in his lyric poetry to modulate the expressive emotion from them to a deepanxiety. He tried to show us his native and Spanish roots by telling us his personal experiences and lead to in verses where the people’s loneliness is the deepest ingrained.
In 1918, Cesar Vallejoappeared with his first poem “The Black Heralds” because two events happened in his life which inspired him to write. One was his mother’s death and the second one was that he was arrested and put injail. These were the reasons that lead him to write this poem by expressing the suffering and the problems that a human being faces in life. His poem is uniformly pessimistic, sad, and dark by the way heexpresses his feelings.
In the poem, he represents the modernism influence especially from Dario Herrera and Reissig in the vocabulary and the rhythm of the verses. The Herald was a messenger thatcarries war messages and dressed in white if they were good news and wear black when they were bad. His poem is very didactic and expressive because he teaches us a specific lesson and experiencesthat he had in life where he says,
There are blows in life, so powerful . . . I don’t know!
Blows as from God’s hatred; as if before them,
the backlash of everything suffered
were to dam up in thesoul . . . I don’t know! (1-4)
In this paragraph, Vallejo appears like a symbol as a mourner person. The God that he mentions is part of the culture, a father that is taking care of us. He shows to usthat we don’t have to wait for something accurate and the only secure thing is death. He shows us his emotional charge where the sadness and the anxiety are the principal themes in his poem, “they...
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