The blue cross - father brown

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  • Publicado : 17 de febrero de 2012
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Valentin, head of the Paris Police, is on the trail of a famous criminal, Flambeau. He thinks that he is travelling in disguise to London. On the train where he expects to findFlambeau, Valentin hears a little catholic priest saying that he is carrying a silver cross covered in precious blue stones, best known as the Blue Cross, in one of his brown paper parcels. The detectivewarns the priest not to tell that he is carrying such a valuable object.

When Valentin arrives in London, he goes to Scotland Yard to announce them the aim of his visit and then he goes for a walk.As he hadn’t had breakfast yet, he goes into a restaurant that catches his eye. He sits down and orders a cup of coffee. He puts sugar to his drink, but instead, it was salt: the sugar and the salthad been changed. The waiter also tells him that early that morning two clergymen had been in the restaurant and one of them had thrown a bowl of soup at the wall before leaving, for no obvious reason.Valentin decides to find out more about the clergymen and follow their way. When he comes across a greengrocer shop, he sees that the nuts and oranges signs have been changed. The grocer tells himanother strange history about the two priest, one small and one large.

Valentin asks for help to two young policemen and continues looking for the parsons. After riding in a London bus for some time,Valentin spots a restaurant with a broken window. He asked the waiter about the window, who tells him about two clergymen, and that the little one had broken the window to compasate the three timeslarger bill that his companion had paid . Valentin's final clue is in a sweetshop, where the shopkeeper tells him that two priests had been there half an hour before and that after they left, thesmaller returned, saying he had lost a package, and he asked her to send it to an address in Westminster if she found it. After the priest left, she found the package, and sent it. The shopkeeper then...
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