The book thief

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Maria del Mar Garcia
Ed Crawford
Language Arts
May 22st, 2012

Development Of The Characters In: The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak

In the Book Thief, many characters are portrayed as roundcharacters, which means, they change, grow and develop, throughout the story. These characters, which make their way into the narrator’s path, are usually influential to the main characters and helpdevelop their own traits and personalities.
Max Vandenburg is a Jew, who is protected by the Hubermann’s, from the Nazis. He befriends Liesel, our main character, as soon as he meets her. They develop aclose bond and get to grow very fond of each other. Max represents the sympathy from Hans and Rosa towards the Jews. All throughout the story, we see him in the basement, where he is hidden, and hasnothing else to do, fighting Hitler in his mind. After Hans shows publically that he is sympathetic towards the Jews, Max has to leave because they are afraid that the Nazis will search his house.After being separated, Max goes looking for Leisel and they reunite.
Hans Hubermann is Leisel’s foster dad. After she had to say goodbye to her mother forever and witness his brother’s death, Hans andRosa take her in. While Leisel doesn’t get along very well with Rosa at first, she and Hans develop a quick friendship. Hans loves to smoke, and what he loves the most about it is the rolling. WhenLeisel had nightmares, he would go and take care of her. They taught Leisel how to read. Throughout the book, the reader can see how Hans is portrayed as a good man, but also a man with a history. We cansee the story behind Max and what he has to do with him.
Ilsa Hermann is the Mayor’s wife. She is very important to Leisel and what her character represents because she inspires her to read andwrite. She is someone mysterious to us by the time we meet her, and the reader might be lead on to her being a villain, but then we discover throughout the story that she is grieving for her son’s...
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