The carnival in mexico

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The Carnival in Mexico

With Carnival, allegory takes over completely from the world's most festive cities for one week a year. In Mexico, happier and are representative of Veracruz and Mazatlan,ports that radiate warmth and are known for their incessant vein pachanguera residents. The entire population goodbye to bad humor in the midst of popular festivals, the joy invade and charged thespirit of good vibes, enough until next year.

Carnival is a short space of time that the people have King and Queen and becomes festive bow to His Majesties Gracious gratitude for the exceptionalbursting with joy that will help their royal courts and numerous parades through colorful and colorful parades that run through the decorated streets every day.

The carnival spirit pervades both thosewho give in to your natural instincts partygoers, such as who takes mere religious celebration. In fact, the atmosphere of joy for all without distinction rife in the cities where the Carnival takesplace, small and large, with flamboyant parades or to pious liturgical celebrations.

It all begins when 'burning' the bad mood at a ceremony symbolic character wears a general disgust, as thefashionable political or public figure who has caused a stir by scandal or bad unpleasant situations for the masses during the period year ending. It hangs in front of the whole people by way of publiclynching, and literally burns. Then comes the crowning of the Kings and their royal courts, opening the way to good humor.

The Queen is usually a representative of the local beauty, while the King,called "Rey Feo" (or "King of Joy" wanting to avoid being derogatory) is a grotesque representation of the Momo God (Roman god of madness and joke), and both, along with his courtiers are in charge ofbringing all this joy to his'governed '. The festivals, parades, floats and endless dances by dance troupes of professionals with decades of history and presence in the Carnivals are held for seven...
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